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jordan vanderplate: i grew up on the west side of lancaster county, pa until i moved to kansas city at age 18 to become a full-time musician. i had no aspirations of becoming a photographer at the time but have since developed great enjoyment in photography. as a musician i was given the privilege of traveling the world and taking my camera along for the ride, however was unable to focus much time in developing my skill as a photographer. over the last decade i have learned quite a bit (or so i'd like to think) about photography and have also learned that my main passion for photography is nature and landscapes, but trying not to limit my interests to those genres only. my main goal is to share the beauty of the created earth we inhabit. my approach to photography is "what you see is what you get." i prefer to capture moments the way you see them and the way you want to remember them. ten years from now you will want to remember certain moments exactly as you lived them, not through an outdated, trendy filter. i try to capture each image as close to the natural setting as possible. i am currently based in lancaster, pennsylvania.


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